Wazary 10FL

Wazary 10FL

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Wazary@ 10FL, a new water-based low mammalian hazard soil treatment termiticide, was evaluated as a soil repellent agent under controlled laboratory conditions against Coptotermes formosanus. Extremely low doses of fenvalerate in the specialised Wazary formulation (0.005% w/v) were found to produce 75% repellency.

Dosage Wazary 10FL Termiticide is a repellent / kill agent. The few termites that are persistent in their attack on the repellent barrier will pick up sufficient product to kill both themselves and those individuals that come in to contact with them. In order to obtain the residual activity expected of the new generation of such soil treatment termiticides, final dose levels of between 0.25 – 0.5% are now recommended following extensive in-situ field tests.


It is used for both pre- and post-construction treatments.wazary-small-flat
It has a low or minimal odor; therefore, it can be used in perimeter treatment or treatments inside the house/establishment.
It has a dual mode of action – it repels and kills active termites when in contact.
It is proven to be effective from 2 years up to 3 years from application.
It is safe to use since it is water-based and has low oral and dermal toxicity to mammals.
The chemical used has a strong soil-binding capacity; therefore it does not leach into the ground water.

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