Timbermate Woodfiller

Timbermate Woodfiller

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Timbermate Woodfiller is an Interior grade 4 in 1 Woodputty, Grainfiller, Edgefiller and Crackfiller. When thinned slightly with water can also be used as a sanding sealer. Timbermate does not shrink, sink, crack or fall out and has an indefinite shelf life. It is non-flammable, non-toxic and can be used to the last gram. The secret ingredient of Timbermate is tap water therefore containing no Acrylic, Latex or Solvents. Timbermate comes in 13 premixed colours plus Natural Tint Base. Timbermate takes all types of known stains, varnishes and coatings. The Timbermate formula is over 85 years old and is the only genuine water-based formula in the world proving that the formulation has stood the test of time.
Timbermate is proudly 100% Australian made and 100% Australian owned.

TIMBERMATE is manufactured to a unique, genuinely water-based formula proven globally for over 50 years.

TIMBERMATE is recommended for interior use. For certain exterior applications consider using Earls Powder Putty

TIMBERMATE is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-yellowing

TIMBERMATE is completely compatible with acid catalysed lacquers, as well as all known lacquers, top coatings and P.U. Fills cracks in masonry, plaster, flooring, drywall,brick, concrete, fibreglass, plastic or metal. Can be mixed with woodglues. Being water-based TIMBERMATE is non-flammable and contains no acetone, toxic or harmful ingredients. Also, TIMBERMATE will take varnish, urethane, wax, polish, lacquer, linseed, and other oils.

TIMBERMATE can handle screwing, planing, cutting, drilling and sawing.

For variable consistency: May be thickened by leaving tub open or thinned by merely adding water to required consistency. Indefinite shelf and pot life,therefore…. no waste

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