Mercury 40 two Stroke New Boat Engine

Mercury 40M Two Stroke New Boat Engine

Mercury 40M Two Stroke New Boat Engine

TwoStroke 40: Marathon Motor

Mercury mid-range TwoStroke not only runs smooth, but runs cool too! Each model features high-volume, low-pressure, floppy-vane water impellers to help keep operating temperatures down… even in heavily silted or salty estuarine waters. Plus there’s a water-separating fuel filter to keep debris and water out of your engine.
Across the range you’ll find an array of features that help keep your boating experiences more enjoyable and trouble-free.
Largest engine capacity displacement
In their horsepower category, giving you more low-end thrust.
Variable-ratio oil injection system
Reduces oil consumption at idle speed, improving efficiency and providing smoke-free running


Horsepower- 40 hp (29.42 kw)
Dry weight- 75 kg
Revolutions per minute (RPM) ranger- 4500-5500
Displacement- 644 cc
Cylinder layout- In-line
Number of cylinders- 2
Starting- Electric or manual
Trim positions- 5 + position haut-fond (Trim électrique en option)
Induction system- Loop-charged (1 carb)
Gear shift- Forward (F) – Neutral (N) – Reverse (R)
Gear ratio- 2.00:1
Steering- Barre franche: M, ML Optionnel: E,
EL – A distance: E, EL Optionnel: M, ML
Recommended boat transom type- 381 mm (S) – 508 mm (L)
Fuel tank type- Standard
Fuel type- Gasoline
Fuel requirement- Leaded or unleaded 90 RON min.
Engine technology- 2 strokes
Alternator type- Electric: 18 amp (227 watt)
Manual: 10 amp (126 watt)
CE category- Non RCD

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Price : 195,000.00
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