Mercury 115 EFI Four Stroke New Boat Engine

Mercury 115 EFI Four Stroke New Boat Engine

Mercury 115 EFI Four Stroke New Boat Engine

FourStroke 115 EFI: The Next Generation

Thanks to Mercury’s never-ending commitment to provide industry-leading innovation, now you can hang a lighter, more compact FourStroke outboard on your transom that delivers better performance, hole shot and towsport capability than the previous 80 – 115 hp models – along with increased fuel savings, hassle-free maintenance and rugged reliability.
High Displacement / Less Weight
These FourStroke outboards displace 2.1 liters, which means they work smarter – not harder – leading to improved durability and longer life, not to mention greater hole shot, superior overall acceleration and awesome top speed.
Smooth and quiet
Sound and vibration are minimized by the tightly sealed, thermo-bonded cowl; the Idle-Relief Muffler, which utilizes an acoustic filter to reduce high-frequency exhaust noise; a new smooth clutch design; and Mercury’s exclusive Focused Mount System.
Easy to maintain
Replacing the fuel filter requires no tools and can be accomplished in less than a minute. And thanks to Mercury’s Maintenance-Free Valve Train, you’ll never need a costly valve-lash adjustment.
Fuel efficient
Less weight combined with high displacement helps these FourStroke outboards provide maximum fuel efficiency, especially at cruising speeds. Specialized oil scrapers and bearings minimize friction in the crankshaft, also resulting in decreased fuel consumption.

115fourstroke115EFI FourStrokes

Horsepower- 115 hp (84.58 kw)
Dry weight- 163 kg
Revolutions per minute (RPM) ranger- 5000-6000
Displacement- 2064 cc
Cylinder layout- In-line
Number of cylinders- 4
Starting- Electric
Alternator system power- 441 watt
Trim positions- Electric Hydraulic Power Trim and Tilt
Induction system- 8-valve, SOHC
Gear shift- Forward (F) – Neutral (N) – Reverse (R)
Gear ratio- 2.07:1
Steering- Remote – BTO
Recommended boat transom type- 508 mm (L) – 635 mm (XL)
Fuel system- EFI
Fuel type- Gasoline
Fuel requirement- Unleaded 90 RON min.
SmartCraft- Yes
Engine technology- 4 strokes
Alternator type- Fully regulated Belt-Driven

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