Johnson 225HP Ocean Runner Boat Engine

Johnson 225HP Ocean Runner

Johnson 225HP Ocean Runner

1996 225hp Johnson ocean runner

Clean runs well

Johnson’s 225-horsepower models are V-6 engines with with a full-throttle range from 4,500 to 5,800 revolutions per minute, and the prop shaft horsepower is 225 at 5,150 rpm. It is rated at 133 amperes total output from the alternator.

Shared SpecificationsAll of the 225-horsepower motors have 200.1 cubic inches of displacement and electric start. Steering of the motors is remote, built specifically for larger, ocean-faring boats.
The motors have a gear ratio of 1.85, which translates to faster acceleration on the water.The 225 Oceanrunner was also a six-cylinder, two-stroke engine with a spline count of 15.

Features of the Oceanrunner

Johnson Oceanrunner computer-controlled machining of the combustion chambers increased performance and provided more consistent power, that the fully-machined cylinder sleeves improved acceleration and fuel economy, that the self-flushing thermostat assured constant idle temperatures and smooth trolling speeds and that the closed-deck-design powerhead produced more power and quieter operation.


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