Hollis SMS 100

Hollis SMS 100

Hollis SMS 100http://boatclassifieds.asia/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/hollisht_sms100_back_3qtr-300x300.jpghttp://boatclassifieds.asia/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/hollisht_sms100_back_3qtr-300x300.jpghttp://boatclassifieds.asia/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/hollisht_sms100_back_3qtr-300x300.jpghttp://boatclassifieds.asia/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/hollisht_sms100_back_3qtr-300x300.jpg


Our SMS 100 Sidemount system was designed not just with the sidemount cave divers in mind, but any diver. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or technical diver, this kit was designed for you. Suitable for sidemounting twin or single cylinders, but also for use with rebreathers or rear mounted singles. This “go anywhere” system can be used in any environment from open water to the overhead environment. Ready to dive out of the box.

“There are probably a handful of things happening in the dive industry that we could peg as the latest and greatest idea or innovation, but surely the hottest trend right now has to be side mounted diving” Steve Lewis, SDI TDI.

Sidemount diving is simply configuring one or two cylinders on either side of your body, as opposed to backmounting. Tanks can be attached on or near the water, providing much less stress on the body. Regs and gauges are totally independent of each other, creating a fully redundant air supply, with the added advantage that the first stages are within full sight at the diver’s side.

It is becoming a commonly held belief in the dive industry that sidemounts will become a more popular way of diving for all divers – from technical to open water – and will gradually replace backmounted twins. There are many advantages including accurate buoyancy control, and a streamlined set up for low lying environments and wreck diving, where the potential for line entanglement is much greater when using a backmounted system.

The innovation and evolution of Sidemount systems in recent years has helped bring sidemount diving into the mainstream. Systems are affordable and comfortable to wear, with many of the comforts of a traditional BCD. Sidemount instruction is now also becoming more accessible and easier to do.

Jeff Loflin, without doubt the most predominant Sidemount instructor in the world today has said, ‘I have taught around 400 Instructors to Sidemount their gear, all of whom originally used back mounts, and to date have not had one diver go back to back mounting their cylinders’
This BCD Features:
360 Degree wing – 52 lbs Lift
• Bulletproof Construction
• Single or Dual wing options available
• Centrally and uppermost located elbow to avoid overhead interference
• Upper/Lower cam band slots for rear mounted single tank
• Full visibility over your system
• Reduces additional gear: Doubles bands / Hardware / Manifold – Benefit when traveling
• Aids in transporting gear to and from the beach or boat – one tank at a time
• Streamlines profile which in turn reduces drag increasing your bottom time
• 1000 denier CorduraTM w/ PU lamination outer shell & 15mil urethane internal bladder
• Streamlined design for reduced drag and passing through confined spaces
• Lower left pull relief valve on SMS100 wing + Lower right on SMS100D wing
• Includes elastic bungee system (removable)

SM-MD 5′.5″ – 6′ 120 – 170 30″ – 42″ 28″ – 38″
LG-XL 5′.7″ – 6′.2″ 150 – 200 36″ – 48″ 32″ – 42″
XXL 6′ – 6′.5″ 190 – 260 44″ – 58″ 36″ – 46″

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