Boat Classifieds Aisa Safe Purchasing Guide

Boat – Safe Purchasing Guide

Guidelines for Safe Transactions

We at Boat Classifieds Asia take your security as our No. 1 concern. So, with that in mind we require clients to act cautiously at all times in any sale of a boat or yacht. We advise our users to verify the Buyer or Seller’s identity. This can be done by simple checks and even checking with accountants or legal entities. Even better is to meet the seller in person in a safe place.

Always be cautious of an “agent” representing a buyer or seller, or when dealing with someone outside your country.

If using an escrow service for payment of the transaction never go via a link in an email. Fraud deals may involve shipping, wire transfers, overpayment or cashier’s checks. Unusual requests involving the transaction may be a signal of a potential scam.

Fraud Awareness Guidelines

Let’s be honest there is fraud in every sector of business and thus it is vitally important to be careful when dealing with such high valued products that may attract people who are just out to steal your hard earned money.

Please be aware that at Boat Classifieds Asia:

  • NEVER ask you for your password or PIN! Or own, buy or sell vehicles listed on our website.
  • DO NOT participate in transactions between buyers and sellers in any way.
  • DO NOT offer “Buyer Protection”, “Escrow” Services or any type of “Certification”.
  • DO NOT give instructions on payments or offer vehicle shipping or warehousing services.
  • DO NOT provide warranties or inspections of vehicles.
  • DO NOT ask for personal or financial information via email.

Recommendations for Buyers

Know the market value and be very suspicious of anything priced significantly below market value and an inspection service inspect the vehicle to identify problems.

PLEASE Confirm contact information and verify the seller’s physical address and phone number BEFORE SENDING PAYMENT.

Use email wisely and do not send personal or financial information (such as your social security number, credit card number or checking account number to a seller via email.

Get a detailed receipt and ask the seller for a receipt that states whether the vessel is being sold with a warranty or “as is.”

Get the title to the boat and make sure you know what’s required in your Country to transfer title to the boat you’re buying.

Recommendations for Sellers

Confirm contact information and make sure the account contains sufficient funds and the issuing bank guarantees payment on the check. Acceptance by your bank does not guarantee the check is valid and funds are available and be aware that a cashier’s check can take 30 days or more to clear.

Secure payment first, and do not transfer the title until you have full agreed payment

Staying Safe Online

Email Attachments. Be cautious about opening email attachments and scan them with an anti-virus software first.

Payment methods

Never send credit card numbers via email and when purchasing online, make sure it is a secure site. Look for the tiny padlock icon (SSL) that symbolizes a secure

Please contact us about any suspicious email or activities related to Boat Classifieds Asia.