Boat Classifieds Aisa Private Boat Listing

Private Boat Listing

For a set fee you can advertise your boat and have that listing stay active until the sale is made. The Owner agrees to place a boat for sale by providing the listing details of the boat, The private Listing Owner will display his contact details (email, phone number/s and location of the boat ), displaying and showing the vessel, running the vessel, and test driving the vessel for prospective customers .

We at Boat Classifieds Philippines agree to use our marketing experience to obtain a purchaser for said vessel thru various marketing links which may include advertising at seller’s expense.

This unit will not be listed on multi-listing boat brokerage sites.

Charter Boat Listings

Advertising your Boats Charter for a set fee- stay on our listings as long as you require. This is Charter Boat Listing is treated the same as an Agency Listing, a Non – Exclusive Listing.