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Avid Snorkel

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Face it, avid scuba divers rarely use snorkels, yet don’t want to get caught without one. Drag and mask fit problems are caused by strapping a traditional snorkel to your head. When folded, the AVID Snorkel is the world’s most compact snorkel. Flip up the top and extend the corrugated tube and you’re snorkeling.

The Avid is a bonafide fold-able snorkel. The rigid plastic body is hinged, and a corrugated hose with silicone mouthpiece tucks up into the body for storage. The folded unit stows easily in a BC pocket. When you need it, simply unfold the body and snap it into position, pull down on the mouthpiece to extend the corrugated hose to the desired length, clip it onto your mask strap and you’re ready to snorkel.

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