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First of all we understand the market and we are certainly not your average salesman! Most of the team are or were boat owners first and Yacht Brokerages second. There is a thrill in selling a Yacht to a new client. It is an exciting and fast paced business that is constantly changing and evolving. Boat Classified has over 25 years directly selling yachts and over 30 years in the marine business. We have seen a lot of changes; Vessels are becoming larger and more sophisticated and the world is becoming a smaller place with more Buyers and Sellers willing to travel around the world to acquire yachts. We are now operating our premium services in the Philippines and we are embracing dynamic and ever changing in terms of technology, style and experience. Now the Philippines have Boat Classified Philippines at their service.

The fundamentals of selling to our clients are the same anywhere in the world where we operate. Premium service and expertise with is what the Philippines wants and is what we would like to offer you when it comes to placing an offer on the table from a buyer for your yacht.

This is a serious investment

The costs and prices of vessels have skyrocketed in the last 2 decades and a $1 million yacht is no longer “expensive”, indeed the upper echelon of vessels is now selling in the hundreds of millions of dollars!! Whatever the price the service we offer is tailored to serving the Philippines market.

How do we sell your boat?

We use the most contemporary tech platforms to promote an engaging message on behalf of YOU, our clients. We are boaters ourselves and so it’s easy for us to convey the beauty of the boating lifestyle and that takes a level of expertise that you can count on with Boat Classifieds Asia Team.

Many owners of brokerage companies, look to recruit new sales “outside” people wanting to become a yacht broker, but with no means of entry – because they didn’t have the “knowledge”. Having the love and passion for the market makes us the preferred service. Simply we care and we want you as a client not just for today, but forever.

How do you convey your passion when selling boats to another?

Marketing a boat for sale is a combination of skilled descriptions, strategic positioning and understanding the local market. We at Boat Classifieds Asia understand the market and position your yacht where it will generate the greatest qualified impact. We at Boat Classifieds Asia have many years of experience in the marketing and selling of luxury yachts and know how best to represent our clients to generate maximum results.

We care at Boat Classifieds Asia

As your personal Broker Company our team and Partners will list your boat in dozens of multi-listing sites. Just to mention a few we will start off by listing your yacht at, Yachtworld, Yachtco, and more…

Give Boat Classifieds Asia the opportunity to represent you yacht TODAY!